About Jon

Jon Nguyen is an experienced real estate investor who has purchased and sold detached homes, flipped homes, condo, and townhomes since 2000 in San Jose, San Francisco, and San Diego. His goal is to help buyers find their dream home. He does that quickly by identifying “wants” and “needs” and understanding all objections before showing them the very first home.

Jon received his Bachelors Degree in Computer Science from San Francisco State University and has had a successful career in product management and as a small business owner for 10+ years. He has been mentored by the top San Francisco & San Diego real estate agents whose combined career sales have reached $2 Billions with over 1100 transactions.

Not only is Jon an expert of the San Diego real estate scene, but he also lives in one of his favorite neighborhoods called El Cerrito, right next to Talmadge and Kensington. He and his partner looked at over 60 homes in central San Diego and La Mesa in just 3 weekends before they found their dream property. It’s that type of dedication and thoroughness that makes Jon your ideal advocate in your search.

Jon has an eye for “up-coming” neighborhoods. He knows how to identify when a home has “good bones” and can be transformed from “ugly and ordinary” into “luxurious.” Guaranteeing when it’s time to put it on the market it will receive multiple offers in the shortest amount of time. Jon wants to be able to help you resell your home for top dollar. Whether your sale is a planned decision, a life-changing event or job relocation Jon is here to help and he wants to be your realtor—not just for one transaction but— for life!